The Nelly De Vest BioFemme line is the first complete feminine care line certified ORGANIC by COSMOS ®️ ORGANIC by Ecocert®️ Greenlife available in North America.

  • Formulated for women’s wellness
  • Products to suit every woman’s needs
  • Ideal for daily hygiene. PH balanced, firmness & ingrown hairs.

Soothing Gel Elle:

Specially designed for the intimate feminine area prone to discomfort, dryness or itching. Helps to maintain the balance of beneficial flora to provide overall purity, freshness and optimal well-being for everyday life.

Regenerating Serum Elle: 

Super moisturizing and regenerating oils to help relieve dryness. Ideal purifying and moisturizing care for the intimate feminine area. Prevents the disequilibrium of the skin flora during menopause.

Cleansing Foam Elle: 

Delicate and ultra-gentle cleansing foam specially designed for everyday feminine hygiene. Ideal for maintaining the balance of the intimate flora and ensuring a feeling of freshness that lasts all day.


Ideal to reduce the discomfort associated with dryness of the intimate mucosa. Formulated for those in pre and post-menopause. Moisturizes and softens vaginal skin providing immediate hydration.