Mesotherapy is a technique that uses the injection of Vitamins, Enzymes, Hormones, and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten the skin, as well as remove excess Fat.

Dr. Michael Pistor in France first invented the technique of mesotherapy in 1958; which originally was for pain relief. Now it has a vast variety of applications like Fat problems, Cellulitis, Alopecia, Other Aesthetics, and Dermatological problems.

Injection of microdoses of medications into the epidermis or into the dermis. The depth of the injection depends on tissue thickness and treatment plan. Devices like Syringe and needle or Microneedling are used to deliver the medication.

The difference with our minimally invasive medical intervention compare to the external care products lies in the depths of the skin layers it reaches. The cosmetic mesotherapy solutions are introduced beneath the basal membrane where creams rarely work.

In the vast field of minimally invasive aesthetics; Mesotherapy is becoming more and more important; adding new glamorous, healthy looks to the usual beauty strategies.

Mesotherapy Indications: 

Submental Fat Reduction 

Kybella®️, Lipoless®️, Deoxycholic acid (Rx),  are used for the treatment for submental fat.

Deoxycholic acid is a natural component of our bodies. In the human body, it is used for the emulsification of fats for absorption in the intestinal.

After the completion of the treatment Fat Cell Lysis will occur (in 7-10 days) and causes the break down the fat cells this will be reabsorbed to the body.

The patient may experience temporary pain, swelling, and redness/bruising after the treatment.

Facial Rejuvenation: Mesoglow / Mesolift helps regenerate the skin. Active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C (Antioxidants), and other highly round vitamins, and herbal extracts. After the treatments, the skin looks much more radiant and younger.

Reduce Cellulitis 

Hair Stimulation: Mesotherapy is also able to fight against hair loss in both genders. It is a good option in 90% of all kinds of hair loss. The treatment targets the affected area on the scalp. The sooner you start with it, the better before the hair bulbs get damaged irreversibly, and can not be revitalized.

Neck and Back pain the physician injects tiny amounts of individually combined medications like local Anesthetics, non-Steroidal antirheumatics, or muscle relaxants directly to the area of pain.