1- CLEANSING MILK (BioTense): Perfectly remove make-up and cleanse the face, eyelids and lips. This rich and light milk is composed of argan oil to easily remove make-up and all traces of impurities in one single motion. Main Ingredients: Aloe vera, Argan Oil, Sodium PCA.

2- FOAMING GEL (BioTense): Ideal to thoroughly cleanse and purify the skin while respecting the skin’s physiology PH. When in contact with water, this gel transforms into a foam to capture and eliminate all impurities and pollution gathered at the surface of the skin. Main Ingredients: Decyl Glycoside, Bentonite Clay, Amino Acids, Nourishing and Revitalizing Plant Extracts, Vitamin C 

3- MICELLAR FOAM (BioTense): Perfect alternative to the “ Cleansing milk and toner”, duo. Ideal for people on-the-go looking for efficiency and simplicity in their skincare routine. Composed of micelles, this dual solution effectively cleans and easily removes excess sebum, make-up and solution while respecting the skin’s physiological PH. Main Ingredients: Decyl Glycoside, Biopolyssacharides, Hyaluronic acid, Antioxidant plant complex, coconut oil. 

4- PH TONER (BioTense): 2-in-1 treatment that restores the skin’s physiological PH and protects the skin from dehydration due to limestone found in tap water. This balancing and ultra-moisturizing mist instantly sublimate the face. Main Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Chamomile Extract, Acerola Extract, Rooibos Extract, Acmella Oleracea, Hawthorn Flower, Biopolysaccharide.